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Inox Tecnica: History and Company profile

1996: The Mission
The Inox Tecnica project started in 1996 thanks to an intuition by the company founder and president Silvio Paris.

25 years ago, the first warehouse was opened, and the initial mission was clear and simple, become a reference point for the supply of industrial goods.
The first headquarters was a small site in Soliera, close to Modena in Italy, which is at the center of a highly industrialised area that includes the pharmaceutical, food, ceramic and automotive industries. An ambitious testing ground within an area that includes some of the leading companies in these highly competitive markets.

During the first 15 years, Inox Tecnica focused on the distribution of stainless steel and carbon steel Piping and Fittings, becoming a major player on the regional market.

2011: business expansion
The ability to satisfy daily the expectations of leading companies within such important industries led to a substantial increase in company Know How and gave necessary impulse to undertake new challenges and seek new opportunities.

In 2011 the company decided therefore to widen its range of products to include new strategic products that opened new doors and business opportunities in the waterworks, water treatment and petrochemical industries.
To meet this new challenge inox Tecnica invested heavily doubling its warehouse space and outsourcing the production of threaded fittings, stainless steel valves and cast iron flanges and valves.
During this same period the company also invested in its sales network to cover all the Italian market.

Thanks to a steady increase in business, Inox Tecnica managed over these years to leverage its position on the market also through strong synergies with some of the best Italian manufacturers.This has allowed the company to acquire new and important clients as well as supply prestigious projects (such as the supply of Piping and Stainless Steel press fittings for the “Red Line North Underground” of the Doha underground network constructed for the Qatar World Cup in 2022).

2021: The Vision and future investments
At the start of October 2021, for its 25th anniversary, Inox Tecnica inaugurated its new site, doubling yet again the size of its warehouse and building new headquarters. The new site is built in line with the latest standards in sustainability and technology.
This investment was done during the toughest period of the coronavirus pandemic, and Inox Tecnica succeeded in overcoming this adversity even stronger than before leading the way to a new phase of intense business expansion with over 800 clients in Italy.
The Inox Tecnica family will continue in the future to invest in itself as it is the only way to nurture its ever-growing ambitions.